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Live Music in Hawaii

 New all original album out now!

We have CD's and Direct Downloads for our latest album “Lemons & Limes”.  $15 with free shipping for CD’s or direct digital download. Thanks for supporting local independent music.

Lemons & Limes” was released on 8/22/20 at our Album Release event at the

Atherton Performing Arts Studio.

*Video Coming Soon


*Include address for CD’s and Email for digital.

All original

Album out now!


Click Buy Now to order a physical copy of the CD with Free Shipping!

Preview Album Here...

Album Reviews

"I appreciated the acoustic soundscape and heartfelt atmosphere and vocals of this album. Good fit for the Americana scene"


-Andreas Grannes

Musical Artist

"The upbeat acoustic progression and heartfelt lyrics were lovely, which leans more classic folk. This is a really positive, feel-good singer-songwriter piece. I liked the catchy acoustic guitar chords here, the inspired lyrics and the balanced instrumentation. Songwriting is definitely coherent. Vocals are attractive and  production is solid "

-Ella Goldin

Music Blogger

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