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Bands in Hawaii


"Get ready for a joyous ride down the Americana Highway with stops in folktown, rockville and dixieland (to name a few). With no fancy effects, it's all about great songs energetically delivered with heart and harmony"


-Mark Tarone Owner of T-Rex Entertainment

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Hook+Line is an Americana folk band formed in Honolulu, Hawaii. They moved to the country to live on lemons and limes and ditch those whiskey blues for some good old country living. They may be tired of singing the blues but the time has come and they are ready to give you that old time foot stomping feeling that you’ve been looking for. The band currently consists of singer songwriter Jacob Staron, Mari Maffioli on harmonica washboard and vocals as well as fiddle player Caroline Pond, bassist Alex Morrison and drummer Jonathon Heraux. 

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Hook+Line have been featured at popular venues and music festivals nationwide. If you’re ready to feature Hook+Line in any way, please be in touch.

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